5 Requests Buyers Should Never Ask For

Buying a home typically means having a home inspection somewhere along the line. We recommend all my buyers have a professional home inspection done before finalizing the sale of their property. This is a great way to learn as much is possible about the property and it gives the buyer an opportunity to ask for repairs or replacements should something be hazardous or in need of fixing. But, there are some things that probably don't need to be requested and it could be an insult to the seller and may actually lose the sale.

Here are five repair requests the buyers probably should never make.

#1. Anything under $100.

If minor things under $100 can easily be repaired after you live in the home, leave it off the report. This could mean replacing a light switch cover or outlet cover, a burned-out bulb, or anything that's a simple and inexpensive fix. Sure, the seller could do it just as easily as the buyer, but it's really not worth losing the sale over when it can be an easy replacement once the buyer moves in.

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#2. Areas the buyer plans on remodeling anyway.

I spoke with too many buyers that have talked about remodeling or updating the property once they move in and they always try to get the seller to do it before closing. Unless it's a health hazard or safety issue, sellers are really not going to put new granite countertops in the kitchen just because the buyer has asked for it.

#3. Simple cosmetic issues.

Asking the seller to remove wallpaper, repair or cracked tile or at a fresh coat of paint to the back fence is really just cosmetic and does not affect the safety of the property. Sure, it would be nice to have everything completed and up to the buyer's standards, but it shouldn't break the bank or the sale.

#4. Settling cracks.

Homes settle over the years, that's no secret or surprise. But many buyers can ask for a complete real leveling of the house which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is usually not a safety issue and foundations will naturally crack and shift over time. It's important to ask the home inspector about the safety issues that a settling and cracking foundation could present and chances are, it's not that big of an issue.

#5. Repairs to outside buildings.

Sheds, external garages, even dog houses are considered outbuildings and most buyers shouldn't concern themselves with repairs or replacements. Even though it might add a little bit of value to the property, outbuildings are not part of the main house. Talk to the home inspector because there could be some major issues such as a barn that looks like it's going to be falling down any moment or a garage that's in serious need of repair. There could be some safety or hazardous issues so buyers will need to ask the right questions to their inspector in order to know how to proceed.

Every property is different. It's important to discuss your concerns with your home inspector and your real estate agent. If you have any other questions about the home inspection process or buying and selling homes, specifically throughout the Northwest Indiana real estate area, please contact our office at any time.

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