Are you thinking about selling your home? If you are, you likely want to maximize the profit you’ll make. Many people invest in some home upgrades before they sell, but not all of these upgrades actually have a good return on investment. If you’ve looked at some of the homes for sale in Loganville, GA, you’ve probably seen a number of upgrades highlighted. Which of these upgrades are actually going to increase the value or make selling a home easier, and which won’t? Here are some of the best home upgrades you can make.

Landscaping the Yard4 Upgrades to Increase the Chance of a Fast Real Estate Sale

Landscaping generally gives you a 100 percent return on your investment. This means your sell price should increase by a dollar for every dollar spent on the yard. Landscaping has a second major benefit, though: it increases your home’s curb appeal. This can be invaluable in helping your home sell. Often, even if the interior of your home is amazing, potential buyers will pass by if the exterior isn’t inviting. Those who do decide to view the interior may still pass on your home because the overgrown or unkept yard gave them a bad first impression of the property. Put down new sod, work with a landscaper, trim hedges, and make other improvements to your yard to really help your home sell.

Do Minor Remodeling in the Bathroom and Kitchen

These remodels also usually get you most or even more back on what you invested. You can usually redo your bathtub, toilet, vanity, sink, floor, and other fixtures in the bathroom for around $10,000. However, you don’t even need to invest that much if your bathroom only needs some minor repairs and isn’t dated. Re-caulking the tub is fairly easy and inexpensive. You can also re-glaze it for less than $500 and make it look like new.

In the kitchen, you may spend a little more, but you can still do a very nice remodel for $15,000 or less. This will give your kitchen a refresh, but you will likely need to spend more if you’re going to change up the floor plan. That’s not usually necessary, though, if your kitchen just needs a facelift. You may not necessarily need to put in new cabinets—just switch out the doors/drawers and paint the cabinets. Put in new flooring, change up the lighting, and redo the countertops.

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Consider Converting the Attic or Basement into a Bedroom

4 Upgrades to Increase the Chance of a Fast Real Estate SaleIf you can add an additional bedroom to your home, it can give you a very nice return on your investment. If you have an attic that has enough room for a bedroom and around $40,000 to invest, you can increase your sale price. You will need to make certain the room has an egress window and a closet in order for it to be officially classified as a bedroom, but that’s often not too difficult. Even if you can’t meet those requirements, you can still create livable square footage and classified the space as a bonus room. That can make your home very attractive to potential buyers.

Add a Deck or a Patio

Indoor/outdoor living is very important in Georgia. Adding a patio, deck or a porch to your home gives you an outdoor entertaining space that will add value to your home. You may not necessarily recoup 100% of what you spend, but you’ll get about 90% back. That extra 10% isn’t lost, either—like your landscaping, having an outdoor space can make the property more attractive to buyers. Even if you don’t make every cent back, your outdoor space may help sell the property more quickly or bring in competing bidders.

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