We all get busy during the day and before we know it, we have little time to go through the house and get it clean. To help keep your home tidier you can accomplish many cleaning tasks in just one minute or less. You can fit these tasks in between other larger tasks when you have a minute here or there and before you know it your home is much cleaner than before.

Here are 12 Cleaning Tasks You Can Accomplish in a Minute or Less

Clean Your Phone12 Cleaning Tasks You Can Accomplish in a Minute or Less

You have probably heard this somewhere before, but your phone is one of the dirtiest things you use all day. It is frequently being touched after you have touched other items as well as set down on different surfaces. The next time you have a minute between other tasks, use it to clean your phone. You can even just take that minute to put your phone in one of those blue light phone cleaners.

Make the Bed

It may seem like something that just drags or holds you back in the morning when you already have so much to do, but making your bed really doesn’t take that long and it makes a huge difference in the cleanliness of your room and also your mood and how you feel. Some say that making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment and sets you up for a better day. It also makes climbing into bed so much nicer. So take that extra minute to make your bed.

The Fridge

Ok so doing a complete cleaning in the fridge will probably take longer than just one minute. But even if you take your one minute between other bigger tasks to work on a portion of the fridge, you can get a good amount done. You could start by just pulling out anything that is old and needs to be tossed out.

Makeup Brushes

Cleaning all of those tiny brushes seems tedious and time consuming. But it only takes one minute to clean just one. So just break down the chore into smaller chunks. Before you know it all of your brushes will be clean.

TV Remote

While you’re sitting down to watch your favorite show, take advantage of a commercial break and clean the tv remote. Mix together equal parts water and rubbing alcohol then dampen a clean cloth with the mixture (making sure to wring out extra moisture so it isn’t too wet) and wipe down your remotes. Make sure to pay special attention to in between the buttons. A cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution is helpful to get the gunk out of the tight spaces.

Coffee Table

In many of our homes, the coffee table quickly becomes a catch-all for used dishes, junk mail, homework, etc. The nice thing is, it only takes a minute to clear it up! Deposit those dishes in the kitchen sink, dump the trash to the can, and wipe away any dust.

Garbage Disposal/ Kitchen Drain

Even if you scrub down the surface of your sink daily a funky smell can still come out of the garbage disposal or even just the drain. It is super easy and quick work to clean it up with an old toothbrush and a few drops of dish soap. Don’t forget to scrub down the rubber drain guard on both sides. After you are done with that, stick a few citrus peels in the disposal and grind them up to freshen and clean all the stuff below the drain.

Light Switches

Grab a disinfecting wipe or a cleaning cloth sprayed with all- purpose cleaner and take a minute to wipe down all of the light switches in the house.


Doorknobs come in contact with so many hands and become a germ hotspot. Take a minute to wipe them down the same way you did the light switches.

Entry Area

It is not uncommon for everyone that lives in the home to walk in the door and drop their stuff they were traveling with in a pile right inside. Use your few minutes of time to place shoes in the shoe bin or line them up, hang up coats, and sweep the floor to keep that dirt from traveling further into the home.

Laundry Baskets

Even though we mostly use laundry baskets to transport clean clothes out of the dryer, they still collect dust , hair, and other debris. It is a super quick job to grab a damp cloth and wipe them out real quick.

Unload Clean Dishes

Leaving clean dishes in the dishwasher backs up the whole clean dishes process as the dirty dishes begin to stack up on the counter and have nowhere to go. So take your quick minute to unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher creating room for the dirty dishes awaiting to be cleaned.

Using a few spare moments to accomplish cleaning tasks will help cleaning in your home to feel less overwhelming and like it is a task that is actually attainable.

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